A Message from the Principal: 9/27/19

Attendance Concerns
As we near the end of the first quarter, it is crucial that I take time to remind our community just how important it is for students to be on time and in school each day. Student attendance influences many factors, from funding to our state letter grade.

Did you know, that if a student misses 10% or more of the school year, they are considered chronically absent? That is 18 days a year or 2 days a month.
Research shows how big the impact can be. A study in California looked at kids who were chronically absent in both kindergarten and first grade. By the end of third grade, only one in six of them were proficient readers. But of the kids who missed less than 5 percent of school, two-thirds were proficient.
Last year, our Absenteeism rate increased from 2.65% to 10.13%! Over 10% of our students missed 10% or more of the school year.

That large increase will have a significant impact on our State Letter Grade - Chronic Absenteeism is 10% of the configuration (attendance for all students K-5th is used in the calculation).

I have pulled an attendance report for students that have missed 4 or more days this year, and 12.5% of our students have already missed 10% of the year!!!

Please help us decrease our Chronic Absenteeism rate by having your child at school on time and here every day!

Thank you in advance for your support!
Thank you for spending time practicing the Spellathon Words with your students. We appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to supporting your students in preparing for the test and for helping your student get pledges.  Thank you for being CREW!
Benchmark Assessments
Students in Grades 2-5 are completing the Quarter 1 Benchmark test.  The assessment is computer based and student will complete it online, using a laptop. I encourage you to ask your student how they did on the benchmark and how they felt working on the computer!
End of 1st Quarter and Fall Break
October 4th is Grading Day (NO SCHOOL for students), marking the end of the 1st quarter.  The following week, October 7-11, is Fall Break- NO SCHOOL for students. The Sam Hughes office will be closed for the week and CREW Club will be closed as well. Thank you in advance for making arrangements for your students.
Student Report cards will go home with students on October 15th.
Magic Box
Everyday students are feeding the Magic Box their original stories! Keep up the great work CREW…I can’t wait to see which class has the most entries and wins the Mini Magic Box!  The Magic Box will be at Hughes until October 3rd —So keep writing!
Thank you,

Kathryn Bolasky
Sam Hughes Elementary    

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