A Message from the Principal: 9/13

The Magic Box is here!

On Monday, the Magic Box and Curiosity Box arrived at Sam Hughes. The two boxes are located in the hallway in front of the office. The students of Hughes are asked to “feed” the Magic Box with original stories. All students at Hughes are encouraged to participate. For our younger students, parents or other family members can take dictations of stories, and all languages are accepted. The Curiosity Box is a smaller box that sits on top of the Magic Box and collects questions. These questions are posed to the students in hopes of being inspiration for them to write stories answering the questions!

Both the Magic Box and the Curiosity Box will be at Hughes until October 4th!

Students get so excited to submit their stories to the Magic Box! The most exciting piece of the Stories that Soar! program is that on November 2nd, a cast of local, professional actors will come to Hughes and bring our students’ stories to life! The cast performs on the stage in the courtyard. All of our community is welcome to enjoy the performance, so save the date!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for taking the time to meet with your student’s teacher. Parent-teacher partnerships and Family Engagement are major factors in fostering high student achievement here at Hughes. We appreciate your time and support.

Move On When Reading (MOWR)

In the state of Arizona, there is a state law that encourages schools to monitor students’ reading development in order to ensure that students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade. Students that have been identified on the DIBELS Screener (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) as needing Intensive and Strategic Reading interventions according to the Beginning of the Year Benchmark will receive a letter that reviews the MOWR state law. The letter outlines the law and the interventions that will be put in place to support students in acquiring literacy skills.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

I have been asked to remind our families that if they have not already done so to make sure to submit a meal application prior to September 13. If a new application is not submitted the student loses the free or reduced meal benefit from last year’s application and becomes paid status (until a new application is submitted). Families need to submit a new application prior to Sept. 13…the sooner the better so it gets processed well before then. Only one application per household needs to be submitted (all children are listed on one application even if they attend different schools).

Applications can been accessed at this link: . We also have a computer available on campus if needed.

Please remember that completing the application is a confidential process and the information that is gathered in the application is used to determine whether or not our school qualifies for federal funding. Families are encouraged to complete the application process even if they have no intention of using the program.

Please contact the front office with any questions or concerns.

Benchmark Assessments

At the end of each quarter, students in grades 2 – 5 will take a District Benchmark Assessment in both English Language Arts and Math. The 1st Quarter Benchmark testing window starts on September 24th and goes through October 4th. Students will be assessed on standards that were targeted throughout the quarter. The assessment is computer based and student will complete it online, using a laptop. Please help our students show us what they know by being to school on time and fueled with a healthy breakfast during Benchmark testing.

Code of Conduct

The TUSD Code of Conduct is a guide that outlines the behavior expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students and staff. I reviewed the Code of Conduct at Curriculum Night and will be going into classrooms to review it with students. You can access a digital copy of the Code of Conduct by clicking on the link below. As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

End of 1st Quarter and Fall Break

October 5th is Grading Day (NO SCHOOL for students), marking the end of the 1st quarter. The following week, October 8-12, is Fall Break- NO SCHOOL for students. The Sam Hughes office will be closed for the week and CREW Club will be closed as well. Thank you in advance for making arrangements for your students.

Please contact the front office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

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